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The truth about working at McDonald's 
Myth Fact
"You can't get ahead working at McDonald's® "

McDonald's® means opportunity. Many of our hourly employees have advanced to become restaurant managers, Owner/Operators, regional or divisional staff members, and corporate employees. In fact, 70% of restaurant managers, 33% of Owner/Operators and 50% of McDonald's corporate employment started as crew.

"McDonald's doesn't provide the training people need to advance professionally."

At McDonald's, we've trained one out of every 12 working Americans. McDonald's work experience teaches skills and values that last a lifetime. Employees gain skills that are required in many professional positions, including teamwork, customer service and leadership. As employees excel at McDonald's, they learn how to supervise others, communicate effectively, and manage finances. In fact, some restaurant managers and Owner/Operators have the potential to ultimately run multi-million dollar businesses.

"McDonald's jobs aren't flexible."

McDonald's works with other employees to develop schedules to fit their needs. The company is committed to responsible student employment, enabling employees to participate in extra-curricular activities and complete their studies while maintaining part-time jobs. In addition, working parents can choose from various shifts to fit their busy schedules. Senior employees may also request to work shifts they enjoy most.

"McDonald's doesn't pay special attention to its employees."

McDonald's People Promise, "We value you, your growth and your contributions," isn't just lip service. It's something the company lives by developing rewards and recognition programs for performance and achievement. From the Ray Kroc Awards for managers to the continuous review and enhancement of its compensation and benefits packages, McDonald's cares about our employees.

Going up.

Launch your Management career at McDonald's and you'll learn right away that this is just a starting point. Countless Managers have advanced to higher-level positions throughout the organization. We want you to experience, learn and advance. And we'll prepare you with everything you need to do it.

Here, ambition is lighting in a bottle. If you want to explore the highest levels of our organization we're behind you 100%.

If you work for our great Mountain Country Management independent McDonald's Franchise organization, your management career would likely follow a path like the one outlined below.

Manager Trainee
As a Manager Trainee, you are responsible for learning and understanding McDonald's policies and procedures in order to prepare for managing shifts in a McDonald's restaurant. The responsibilities include, but are not limited to

  • Learning the basics of restaurant operations through on-site training, area management and floor management.
  • Gaining experience with attaining and maintaining customer satisfaction.
  • Developing an understanding of basic supervision, human relations, interpersonal communication and follow-up skills.
  • Establishing an Individual Development Plan to help focus on personal career development objectives.
  • Ensuring that a respectful workplace exists in the restaurant.

From Manager Trainee you will move to the Second Assistant Manager position where you actually begin to apply the skills you have learned as a Manager Trainee.

Second Assistant Manager
As a Second Assistant Manager, you are responsible for managing people, products and equipment to execute outstanding Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value (QSC&V) on all assigned shifts. The responsibilities include, but are not limited to

  • Developing and training crew employees.
  • Maintaining critical standards for product quality, service speed & quality, cleanliness & sanitation.
  • Managing shifts and/or areas without supervision
  • Ensuring all safety, sanitation and security procedures are executed.
  • Controlling food components, labor, waste and cash while managing shifts and/or areas.
  • Completing all assigned shift paperwork.
  • Ensuring that a respectful workplace exists in the restaurant.

The next level of restaurant management is the First Assistant Manager. Here you will explore the business skills involved with managing a restaurant.

First Assistant Manager
As a First Assistant Manager, you are responsible for assisting the Restaurant Manager in executing virtually all aspects of the restaurant operations. The responsibilities include, but are not limited to

  • Demonstrating and reinforcing the leadership behaviors and basic people standards necessary to gain commitment from crew and other shift managers.
  • Recruiting, staffing, scheduling and retaining employees.
  • Managing the development and training of crew and shift management employees.
  • Building sales and controlling costs to deliver optimum business results for all areas of accountability.
  • Maintaining critical standards for product quality, service speed and quality, cleanliness and sanitation.
  • Controlling assigned profit and loss line items.
  • Ensuring that a respectful workplace exists in the restaurant.

The next level of restaurant management is the Restaurant Manager. Your performance and available positions will determine the time frame for progression from First Assistant Manager to Restaurant Manager.

Restaurant Manager
As a Restaurant Manager, you are responsible for the entire operation of a single McDonald's restaurant, including:

  • Developing and training Assistant Managers.
  • Measuring external customer satisfaction and executing plans to increase brand loyalty.
  • Implementing and conducting in-restaurant new products and procedures.
  • Ensuring execution of all security, food safety and maintenance of the restaurant.
  • Projecting and controlling accurate profit & loss line items.
  • Administering all in-restaurant records and procedures including benefits, payroll, inventories, security and employee personnel files.
  • Ensuring that a respectful workplace exists in the restaurant.

Beyond Management
Succeed as a McDonald's Manager, and you'll prove two things: one, you know your stuff, and two, you could be ready for the next challenge.

We like that in our professionals.

Our Quality Promise"Serving a Quality Meal Every Time"

We care about what you and your family eat. That's why we take great pride in the quality of our food. Since our first restaurant was built, we have purchased quality ingredients from trusted, industry-leading brands. Every day, in every one of our restaurants across the world, our family promises to serve a quality meal every time to your family -.we call it our quality promise.
  • We promise to use only fresh, wholesome ingredients when serving you and your family.
  • We promise to support agricultural and economic growth in our communities.
  • We promise to partner with leading industry suppliers and trusted brands.
  • We promise that our food safety standards will meet or exceed regulatory requirements.
  • We promise to monitor, measure and inspect the quality of our food, from farm to table, to assure freshness, quality and safety.

McDonald's Corporation was honored by the US Green Buildings Council with the 2010 Natural Leaders Award - SMALL feet/large FEAT. The award recognizes an organization that has made strides to reduce its impact on the environment.

Park City McDonald's

This restaurant is owned and operated by an independent franchisee.

Store Photo 6450 N. Landmark Dr.
Park City UT 84060

Phone: 435-649-7200
Manager: Jim Godfrey
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